(Español) Campaña Seguimiento Aves Marinas 2018
25 September, 2018
Increase of shearwaters in the Mediterranean
7 January, 2019

Study of shearwaters reproduction in the Mediterranean – 2019

The Migres Foundation is developing a study on the Balearic and Cinderella shearwaters breeding in the Mediterranean, sponsored by the “Instituto de Estudios Ceutíes”. The project, ending next 2019, will investigate the environmental factors that modulate the migratory behavior of these species. An advance of results has already been presented in the last International Congress on Migration and Global Change. The study of predators such as shearwaters, provides a key information to understand the repercussions that environmental changes, including climate change, generated by human activities have in the marine environment, one of the most threatened means on the planet.