Águila imperial

Spanish imperial eagle

The Spanish Imperial Eagle is the only raptor endemic of the Iberian Peninsula and is considered one of the 7 most endangered birds of prey in the world.

Due to conservation issues that affect this species (mainly mortality by poison, electrocution, rabbit’s scarcity and habitat fragmentation), different conservation programs have been developed nationwide.

Today, thanks to these conservation programs, the number of breeding pairs of Iberian Imperial Eagles is slightly increasing (in the 60s just left in Spain a total of 30 pairs).

However, the current situation of fragmentation of the species population in Andalusia and simulations for its evolution, predicted a probable extinction in the next 200 years. This circumstance made the Andalusian government, the Biological Station of Doñana (CSIC) and currently Migres Foundation to launch a program to reinforce the specie through the program “Reintroduction of the Iberian Imperial Eagle in the region of La Janda” with a very first positive results.