Headquarters / where we are

Migres Foundation has two headquarters:

One in Seville, situated in the heart of the Andalusian capital, in the building called Pabellón del Perú (1927 Iberoamericana Exhibition).

Another in Tarifa (Cadiz) in the International Centre for Bird Migration (CIMA), research center on the relationship between global change and bird migration of birds focus on helping us for anticipate future scenarios. The latter headquarters is located in the first geographical point of Europe where climate-related changes are detected as being the southernmost of Europe.

In addition, the Foundation has a biological station that provides logistical support for the field work by providing accommodation and lodging. This house is a courtesy of the Guadalquivir Water Confederation located in the hamlet of Barbate reservoir (Cádiz). Also manages the Observatory of the Strait, important watchpoint of bird migration across the Strait of Gibraltar and Exhibition Center of Migration and Global Change.