Medidas compensatorias

Compensatory measures

Environmental compensatory measures REMO Project

The REMO Project (Electric Enhancement in Western Mediterranean, Refuerzo Eléctrico del Mediterráneo Occidental in Spanish) involved the construction of an underground and underwater power line of 400 kilovolts linking Europe with Africa (from Tarifa to Fardioua beach in Morocco). Since the route of the power line pass through Natura 2000 network in the province of Cadiz, the execution of the work must be accompanied by a series of compensatory measures.

These measures were an improvement in the surrounding natural environment as:


The dissemination of the values ​​of the Strait of Gibraltar.

The knowledge growth about important species and habitats.

The construction of infrastructure to improve the quality of life of the people of the area and help to preserve the land and marine environment.


One of the most important measures of this project was the creation of the Center for the Study of Migratory Birds and Global Change located near the town of Tarifa, where you invited to visit us.