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Wind farms

Migres Foundation works on projects that seek to reconcile our needs (transport, energy, lighting, etc.) and conservation of the natural environment, looking for a sustainable exploitation of the environment and considering alternatives to reduce the impacts of various human activities on the territory.

Wind energy is one of the most widely used renewable energy, and in our country is the first source of electrical energy.

Because of strong wind regime that dominate the Straits, the number of wind farms in the area has increased significantly.

However, this kind of power generation is not without environmental drawbacks and therefore compensatory measures are implemented to alleviate these problems

Therefore, since 2003, Migres Foundation, together with the Wind Association of Tarifa (AET), performs the Compensatory Measures Project for wind farms of La Janda, highlighting among these measures research, conservation, environmental education and outreach through the following actions:

Reduce bird mortality in the windfarms.

Estimate the effect on local populations.

Develop specific studies and recovery plans for more affected species.

Awareness local population about environment conservation and use of renewable energy.