Centro de la migración y cambio global

International bird migration and global change center

The Strait of Gibraltar is a strategic location for the scientific study of bird migration, being the meeting point of the migratory routes between Europe and Africa with more than 400,000 soaring birds (storks and raptors) and several million of small birds (swifts, swallows, house martins, bee-eaters, etc.). In addition, more than 750,000 seabirds (mostly shearwaters) and cetaceans use the Strait every year in their migratory journeys getting in and out of the Mediterranean Sea.

The International Bird Migration and Global Change Center (CIMA, Centro Internacional de Migración de Aves, in Spanish) is an infrastructure for scientific study and dissemination of migratory studies which has a privileged location in the Strait of Gibraltar. The Center is located in Punta Camorro, just a few kilometers from the beautiful city of Tarifa (Cádiz), and provides accommodation to scientists and students from around the world interested in migration. In addition, the Centre holds the Observatory of the Strait, where you can watch birds and cetaceans using the Strait as a bridge between continents and seas.