Increase of shearwaters in the Mediterranean
7 January, 2019
Migdata: la base de datos para el estudio del cambio global en el estrecho de Gibraltar
25 January, 2019

Straits of Gibraltar. Autumn Bird Migration Monitoring Campaign 2018 (Migres Programme). Results.

Since 5 th of July to 5 th of December, expert ornithologists from Migres Foundation helped by 45
volunteers and collaborators, have counted every day migratory birds passing the Straits of

During this season, 473.000 soaring birds, including 138.000 storks and 335.000 raptors
belonging to 32 different species were registered flying south from the watchpoints of Cazalla
and Algarrobo, located on the Spanish side of the Straits of Gibraltar. The commonest species
were Black Kite (170.000 individuals), White Stork (134.000), Honey Buzzard (91.000), Booted
Eagle (37.000) and Short-toed Eagle (24.000), with also good numbers of some endangered
species as Black Stork (4.000) and Egyptian Vulture (3.500). Among non-soaring bird species
some tens of herons, spoobills, and more than 306.000 small birds (passerines and allies) of 53
species have been recorded, including 27.000 bee-eaters, 13.000 swifts (5 species), 3.000 larks
(5 species), 56.000 swallows and martins (5 species), 9.000 pipits and wagtails (8 species),
145.000 finches (10 species), 30.000 starlings (2 species) y 20.000 sparrows (4 species).
Likewise, 323.000 seabirds of 45 species have been recorded, including 295.000 Cory´s
shearwaters, 8.000 balearic shearwaters, 13.000 gannets, 4.100 gulls and terns (11 species),
500 skuas (3 species), 1.000 razorbills and puffins, and 700 wildfowls (6 species).

Thank you to the people who worked with us and even more to the volunteers.
Migres program 2018 has been supported by the “Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica”,
through the “Fundación Biodiversidad”, the “Instituto de Estudios Ceutíes”, and the
“Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio- Junta de Andalucía”.