(Español) Taller escucha quién canta
1 November, 2016
(Español) Taller escucha quién canta
26 June, 2017

Migres Program Soaring Birds Results 2016

Since 5th of July to 17th of October, expert ornithologists from Migres Foundation helped by 50 collaborators and volunteers, have counted every day migratory birds passing the Straits of Gibraltar.

During this season, 465.000 soaring birds, including 131.000 storks and 334.000 raptors belonging to 33 different species were registered flying south from the watchpoints of Cazalla, Algarrobo and Strait Observatory, located on the Spanish side of the Straits of Gibraltar. The commonest species were Black Kite (147.000 individuals), White Stork (126.000), Honey Buzzard (97.000), Booted Eagle (43.000) and Short-toed Eagle (29.000), with also good numbers of some endangered species as Black Stork (4.900) and Egyptian Vulture (4.400). Among non-soaring bird species some tens of herons, spoobills, bald ibis (37), 18.500 bee-eaters, and thousands of swifts (4 species), swallows and martins (5 species), finches (6 species) and sparrows (2 species), have been recorded.

Thank you to the people who worked with us and even more to the volunteers.